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Babywearing instructor training course
Online session
Duration: 2x ½ days = 8 Hours
Cost: 220€
Date: 20-21 January 2022
The training session will be held in English

This fee includes:
● 3 demo wraps: The JPMBB Original, The Basic and The Little Wrap Without a Knot
● Referencing on the Love Radius website workshop map. (if you wish) *
● Access to wraps at cost price for resale at retail price. SELLING IS NOT MANDATORY
● Access to the professional LOVE RADIUS group
● English Instruction guide booklet (for each product)
● Leaflets & posters,

* After the training you will have the possibility to become a LOVE RADIUS expert if you organize 4 workshops with a LOVE RADIUS wrap to parents and theirs new born baby. You will have to fill out aquestionnaire and take some photos/short videos.
You will also benefit form a 1 on 1 session with Keren.
Afterwards you will be referenced as a trainer on the web site of LOVE RADIUS

Training program  Presentation of your Online trainer
Next step : Total Amount (shipping included):   220.00 €
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